Gulf Peregrine Falcon Nest Cam


Unfortunately, this pair of Peregrines has elected to nest elsewhere downtown this year, where we cannot follow their progress on a web cam.  They have a history of bouncing back and forth among a few different nesting sites, so we are leaqving the camera where it is for now, in the hope that they will elect to nest on the Gulf Building again next year.  If they don't, then we might investigate the possibility of moving the camera to another location.  But, in the meantime you can watch the pair nesting on the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh.  They have four eggs that should be hatching around the middle of April.


Downtown Pittsburgh has hosted a pair of peregrine falcons since 1991.  Their main nest site is the Gulf Tower but they have nested at two other sites in the past decade.  Every year we watch in March to see if they will choose the on-camera site here at the Gulf Tower.

As of this writing the pair is Dori and Louie.  However, Louie is quite old for a male peregrine -- 16 years old -- so it is likely he will be challenged and may be replaced this Spring.

Last year Dori and Louie nested here at the Gulf Tower. 2017 highlights include:

    First egg on 8 March 2017.  
    Dori ultimately laid five eggs.
    First pip and first hatch on 19 April. The fourth egg failed to hatch.
    Three healthy female chicks were banded on 16 May 2017.
    The chicks started to ledge-walk in late May and fledged on Memorial Day weekend.
    On June 1, a fledgling landed on the sidewalk and was returned to the nest to start over.

Outside the nesting season the adults roam throughout the Downtown area.

For recent news and views about Pittsburgh's peregrines, visit "Outside My Window," Kate St. John's Bird Blog.  

You can always join the conversation and share what you see on the National Aviary's Pittsburgh Peregrine Falcon Nest Cams using the hashtag #pghfalconcam and your observations will be shared! 

Many thanks to our partners:  Gulf Tower Management, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia, Robert Peirce and Associates, WildEarth, M&P Security Solutions, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission

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Peregrine Nest, Gulf Tower Pittsburgh